Pitblado Law Continues Strong Commitment to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Posted: June 30, 2016 | Last Updated: February 14, 2017

Dave Angus retired from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on June 30th 2016 following 17 years as President.

Pitblado Law and the Winnipeg Chamber have a long and close connection.

Joe Barnsley chaired the Chamber in 1998-1999 when Dave was hired.  “We changed the way the Chamber did business – previously the Chair was the only person who spoke to the press or represented the organization.  We needed continuity and made the president our primary representative.  Shelly Morris was retiring, so we needed someone who would put a best foot and face forward.  Dave was our guy.  He was a former Chair, understood the organization and its members and had a great relationship with media and politicians.  The last 17 years proved our choice correct.”

Since then, Pitblado partners Philip Sheps and Brian Bowman have chaired the Chamber under Dave’s leadership.

“Dave and I worked endless hours to establish a Portage Avenue store-front location for the Chamber in the Paris Building and persuading city and Provincial economic agencies to co-locate.  The organizations continue to work together closely to help new and old businesses prosper in Winnipeg.”

At a Chamber luncheon held to honour Dave, now Mayor Brian Bowman “blamed” Dave for his political career.  In turn, Dave said that working on Brian’s campaign was one of the best experiences of his career.

Pitblado thanks Dave for his service to the Chamber and, through it, to all Winnipeggers and Manitobans.  When businesses prosper, everyone benefits.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to the Chamber with Loren Remillard, Dave’s successor.

 Managing Partner Benjamin Hecht addressing the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce State of the City event in February 2016