Pitblado's Raising the Bar initiative supporting Canadian youth

Posted: June 28, 2016 | Last Updated: February 14, 2017

Pitblado understands people want to do business with a firm that lives and breathes its values, and supports the community in which we live, work, and play. We are proud of our long history of involvement across Manitoba, and are especially proud of our Raising the Bar initiative directly focused on supporting youth.

Raising the Bar is a program that provides funding to a variety of individual youth and youth-based programs in Manitoba. By investing in the leaders of tomorrow, we create a better community, a brighter Winnipeg, and a stronger Manitoba together. 

Raising the Bar helps provide opportunities for growth, development, and learning for youth.  Before applying, candidates should ensure all eligibility criteria are met to be considered eligible.

See eligibility criteria and additional information here, under the “Raising the Bar” tab.