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The Companies Online System will complete most business transactions and perform Registry searches with the Companies Office. 

Follow these 3 steps to access Companies Online:

Login toCompanies Online

Supported Browser: Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

(Chrome and Microsoft Edge users are experiencing difficulties, please use other browsers).


Step 1: Determine the type of account needed

Regular Account
Deposit Account
A  Regular Account is for individuals who want to search Registry information or file documents on their own business(es) or corporation(s).  All fees are payable online with a Visa or Mastercard. A Deposit Account is for hi-volume firms with multiple staff accessing the Companies Online System to search Registry information or file documents on behalf of their clients. 

An Account Administrator from the firm adds/revokes staff access to the account.  In advance of online transactions, use a Visa or Mastercard online or mail a cheque to deposit funds into the account.

There are different security levels available for Deposit Account holders depending on the type of firm (i.e. lawyers, accountants, real estate, etc.).  


Step 2:  Create your account

Regular Account
Deposit Account
  • Click on the Companies Online logo
  • Click on the New Users link
  • Create your login
  • Save your username and password for future access
Step-by-step instructions are available here.
  • Select an individual who will be the Account Administrator.
  • Email a scanned copy of the  completed and signed Request for a Deposit Account form to [email protected]
  • Once the Account has been established, the Account Administrator will receive a Verification Code along with additional instructions to complete account set up
  • Create your login


Step 3: Login and access the following services in the Companies Online System:

Search the Registry

  • Before submitting a name reservation, search the registry for similar names.
  • Request a File Summary with detailed entity information:
    • List of the directors and/or proprietors of a company
    • Registered Office and the Attorney-for-Service.
    • Status of a company - e.g. whether it is active or dissolved.
    • Identify the age of a company.
    • Determine previous names under which the company was registered.
    • Determine whether a corporation is in default of filing any of its Annual Returns, or whether it has been sent a notice of possible dissolution for such default;
  • Request a Certificate of Status

Submit filings to register or update the entity

  • Submit a Request for Name Reservation
  • Incorporate a Manitoba/extra provincial share or non-share corporation
  • Register a Manitoba/extra provincial Sole Proprietorship or Partnership
  • File an Annual Return/Renewal on your own company

***IMPORTANT: to access the following services you must have registered your company online or submitted an Annual Return/Renewal online.

  • File Notice of Change of Directors/Officers, Notice of Change of Registered Office Address, change of mailing address, change of shareholders on corporations
  • File a Change of address for a  Business Name
  • Change the name of a Manitoba corporation


  • Browser – Companies Online System works best using the newest version of Internet Explorer 11. Other browsers, such as Chrome, are the primary cause of online issues clients experience. We strongly recommend using Internet Explorer 11.
  • Username or password – Please save and store safely. Both can be reset using the links on the log in page.
    • One email address is recorded per account. Ensure you record the correct one.
  • Junk Folder – if you haven’t received expected email correspondence, please check the junk folder. 

Visit the Forms and Fees page for information on fees, instruction sheets, application forms, etc. for Manitoba entities
Visit the New West Partnership Trade Agreement page for information on streamlined extra provincial filings between British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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