Restoring Safe Services

Sports Guidelines

As Manitoba eases restrictions and reopens the economy in a phased approach, the benefits of reopening need to be balanced with the risks of increased COVID-19 transmission. Recreational activities have numerous physical, mental and emotional health benefits. As we begin to allow these organized activities to operate again, we need thoughtful planning to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Recreational activities may be indoor or outdoor. They may include activities such as sports (e.g. baseball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, gymnastics, cycling), individual sports (e.g. skateboarding), as well as activities such as tai chi, dance, music or theatre. Throughout this guidance, the term "participants" is used to describe people engaging in these activities. The term "spectators" is used to describe people observing the activity, but present in the activity space (e.g. audience of a musical performance or sports game).

This guidance will help participants and organizers/those responsible for recreational activities (e.g. provincial and local/municipal authorities, sports, performing arts, and recreation organizations, coaches and leaders). Consider the risks associated with recreational activities in Manitoba during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides examples of strategies that may be implemented to reduce potential risks. Each sport, performing arts or recreational activity group/organization and/or facility must establish a plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission between participants and spectators.

Recreational activities that require staff (for example to accept payment for entrance fees, to provide food and beverage services, etc.) should also refer to guidelines for workplaces and businesses for guidance on risk assessment and risk mitigation related to business operations . In addition, follow sector specific guidance for other activities within the facility such as restaurants or retail businesses.

Activities Guidelines

Activities Guidelines (pdf)